Cosplay (story by Ainsley Arin)

I had been reading Cosmo articles on how to bring a bit of life back to the bedroom. And okay, I admit it, my copy of Fifty Shades was almost falling apart from over reading.

After twenty odd years of marriage things grow stale. Tired. Lie back and think of England…

Our oldest two kids are away at college and the youngest was at a sleepover so it seemed like the night to raise the subject. I bought a couple of bottles of wine to loosen things up. I know nothing of wine, I went for one with a high alcohol content.

‘So’, I nervously began, ‘I was thinking of us spicing things up sex wise…’

‘Oh,’ he interrupted. Before I could suggest my plans for some light bondage, some gentle spanking. ‘There is something…’

‘Go on,’ I urged him, with more than a little trepidation. He had never displayed an adventurous side before.

‘Well,’ he was blushing, ‘how about a little role playing, maybe with costumes…?’

‘French maid,’ was my first thought, ‘a nun maybe.’ I was getting excited.

”Could you dress as…’ he really had to force it out, ‘Princess Leia if I dressed as Darth Vader?’

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