Dumplings (story by Vivian Leung )

It was only 2:00 in the morning. Finding that she could not go back to sleep, she slowly got out of bed and walked downstairs to the kitchen. Putting on an apron, she created the filling by mixing ground pork, chives, minced garlic and soy sauce- amongst other ingredients- together. Then, taking the freshly-kneaded dough, she rolled it into several thin sheets. When the ingredients were prepared, she placed a thin sheet of dough on the palm of her hand and gently scooped up some of the filling-placing it at the center of the dough sheet and pinching the ends of the dough sheet together. That process she repeated until there was no more filling and sheets of dough left. Afterwards, she stir-fried the individually-wrapped fillings in oil until they got crispy.

 Placing the Chinese dumplings on a plate, she took out a pair of chopsticks and began savoring the taste. When she had a hard time sleeping at night, eating her dumplings would always help. She didn’t really know why, but perhaps it is because they reminded her of her roots; through them, she remembered the old home she used to live in with her family back in China.

Image by 波 胡 from Pixabay