Elmo Needs A Hug (bp coyle)

Do you remember that toy? Elmo Needs A Hug?

It was big a long time ago. Maybe it still is. I haven’t been toy shopping for a very long time.

I bought one for my niece when she was two. It seemed cute in the store. But God, ten minutes into Christmas day and it was grating on everyone’s nerves. I was glad I could go home and not have to listen to it say that thing three hundred times a day.

Still, it was better than the Tickle Me Elmo, talk about annoying!

Anyway, what was I talking about? I seem to have become distracted.

Oh right. Elmo Needs A Hug.

Brian needs a hug too. But Brian can’t have one because of social distancing. Can’t exactly hug someone from two meters away. Or is it one meter now, I can’t keep track.

And even if I could have a hug, I don’t want to be hugged by someone wearing a face mask.

Way too creepy and disturbing. I’d have nightmares for the rest of my life.

If they do eventually find a vaccine, will anyone ever feel safe enough to hug again?

Image by Liam Ortiz from Pixabay