Fresh Off The Boat (bp coyle)

I met a nice young chap in the pub today. Fresh off the boat he was, from the old country. Reminded me of myself, oh so many years ago. Full of life and optimism. Full of plans. I guess we all start out that way and then time…

Time passes. You get a job and go out for a drink in the evening, who wants to sit in an empty room? You get to know faces but faces come and go. You go back home for the holidays, for the summer but people move away, move on with their lives, they start to forget. You stop going back.

Then there’s a girl, there’s always a girl, even for a loser like me. You give it a try, you know it might be your only shot so you give it a good try. Some things are not meant to be.

Time passes. Recessions come and go, boom times too. You move from one job to another until you’re too old to be needed. Suddenly every day is a day in the pub. A good one is when you meet a nice young chap, like I did today.

Image by AIAC Interactive Agency from Pixabay