Friday, I’m in Love (bp coyle)

Just one more sleep and it will be Friday.

Just one more sleep and I will get to spend the whole day with you.

It sucks the way things have worked out, me having to work away for most of the week. Only getting to spend one day with you. It’s a long week without you.

But the waiting is almost over. I’ll be up before the sun rises to catch the first bus. All going well, traffic not being too bad, I will be sliding the key into your door just before nine. The key I carry with me all of the time. You’ll still be sleeping and I can slip in beside you, snuggle up close and drift away. It’s the best rest I get, feeling safe and warm by your side.

When you eventually wake, when we eventually get out of bed, we will go get coffee, maybe croissants, and talk about what we will do. Go see a movie, a long walk by the canal, pizza perhaps.

I know you like to plan ahead, get it all worked out.

Honestly I don’t care at all, as long as I’m by your side.

Image by lumpi from Pixabay

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