How To Make A Deal With The Devil (bp coyle)

So, let’s not get into the why, it’s really of no importance.

The fact is that I want to do this and really it shouldn’t be all that difficult, should it? I have been told from the time I was a child that the Devil wants to take our souls. Yet how do you go about arranging it?

I have read lots of horror novels, lots of books on the occult, and the advice they give is beyond useless.

Stand at a crossroads at midnight’ is a classic one. Seriously? Have you seen the traffic we get around here? It’s non-stop, twenty four seven. Much as I want to meet him, I don’t fancy a trip to Hell to make it happen.

If I try summoning him from home it is always strongly suggested that I stand in the middle of a pentagram, one I have drawn in chalk on the floor. Now art was never my thing, I would struggle to draw a triangle. The chances of me completing so complex a mathematical shape in a way that could be distinguished as such are remote.

I guess it might confuse him…