I am Aryssa (story by Darcy May)

My name is Aryssa, I was extremely inspired to write about myself after I read my big sisters Journal. She had written about all of her most intimate sexual explorations. This book kicked the door of my small world wide open. So ever since I have been creating my own biographical erogenous digest. In no particular order I will be releasing some stories out of my most private stock.

That asshole alarm clock strikes chaos making me shriek into consciousness. I am not yet ready to face the day. I switch off the alarm and rest back into my pillow. I run my hand down my side and guide it right down over my silk panties. Gently I rub up and down my very sensitive lips……. Oh that feels so good. My ass starts to move side to side as my breathing begins to draw deeper. I now bring both of my hands to my ample breasts, squeezing them and pulling gently on my nipples. I want so badly to keep going, but I need to get up and get into the shower or I will never get to school on time.

In my robe I now head to the bathroom