Out of Tune (story by Mary E Sullivan)

i have a flute.  the “E” key is flat.  sort of like my life.  when the world was flat.  nobody really had dreams to go anywhere, because they’d just fall off one of the four corners.  just like my bed.  what if i fall off my bed?  might break a bone.
i’m not the same as I was five days ago.  something’s terribly wrong.  and it’s me and my perspective.  i hurt myself every time i get depressed.  each one worse than the last, its progressive you see.  i sit here and type this and wonder, is something terribly broken?  did i fall out of bed?  or maybe just off of one the four corners of the earth?  if the world is spinning, why can’t i move on?  don’t we mimic nature?  we are a part of it after all!
and i sit here and feel my brain is broken.  and my life is broken.  and i don’t know if i’ll ever find that intelligent, pretty, curious kid that i used to be.
so i cry…