Rockabye – A Baby’s Tale (bp coyle)

The Nursery Times

morning edition

Tragedy was narrowly averted yesterday when a vigilant passerby happened to notice a baby’s cradle placed high up in an old oak tree.

The woman (who wishes to remain anonymous) immediately phoned the fire brigade, who arrived within minutes.  The firemen were able to retrieve the child moments before a violent gust of wind arrived.

Chief Fire Officer John Horner said in a statement to the press: ‘We can only be thankful to the member of the public who spotted the cradle.  It beggars belief that anyone would do such a thing.  What on Earth were they thinking?  The bough the boy had been placed on was damaged by lightening in last month’s storm.  Without any doubt, the cradle was only moments from coming down, baby and all.’

The bough in question did indeed break later on that night.

The baby’s parents were located and taken to a nearby police station for questioning. It is expecting that they will face charges of reckless endangerment, neglect and child cruelty, amongst others.

The baby is currently in the care of social services.  He is reportedly unaffected by his life near ending experience.

Photo by Colin Maynard on Unsplash

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