Selection (bp coyle)

Used to be that your parents picked who you should marry. She has a dowry of a couple of cows, he has a few acres of land, the offspring should fare okay.

Then people got to choose for themselves, someone from the office. From the factory. Someone you met down the pub, a friend of a friend. They fell ‘in love’ and tied the knot. The end.

Then came dating sites. Then dating apps.

And all the time divorce rates rose. Seemed the first way was probably the best. What do young people know about love anyway?

With so many broken families and the problems that brought, the Government decided to change things. Now, using a national database, they choose the perfect partner for you. Based on age, IQ, personality tests and genetics, they claim to be infallible. You do not have to accept the Government ‘s choice, of course, but you cannot have a child with anyone else.

As I have always wanted to be a father, I sent in my application form at the earliest opportunity, the day I turned twenty five.

They arranged for us to meet up tonight, can’t tell you how nervous I am.