Short Changed (bp coyle)

12:30 pm

I knew it. I absolutely knew it. She short changed me. That bi… That woman at the supermarket. She gave me change for forty euro when I had given her a fifty. I didn’t have my reading glasses with me, so I couldn’t check at the time. But there! It’s as clear as day. My shopping came to just under thirty and she gave me a ten and some change. She did it on purpose.  I just know she did.

2:00 pm

It was probably a genuine error. And it’s only ten euro, not the end of the world. I only went to that shop because it’s cheap, but even so… I probably couldn’t prove it anyway. I’ve got writing to do, I should put this behind me.

7:00 pm

It’s no use, I can’t focus. The more I try to forget, the more incensed I become.

1:00 am

I can’t even sleep. This is insane.

3:30 am

Oh my God! I just remembered. I bought a lottery ticket at the off licence before I got to the supermarket. I broke the fifty then. I did give that woman forty, two twenties. Thank God I didn’t go back and confront her.