There’s Something About Mary – A Nursery Tale (bp coyle)

That bloody lamb just won’t leave me alone, it follows me everywhere.

Yes all of the children laughed and played when it came to school today, they thought it was great fun. But I’m the one who had to bring it home and tie it up in the yard. It’s a three mile walk back to my house, in the rain. I completely missed lunch break.

Not that tying it up does much good, it always manages to escape, no matter how securely I fix the knots.

It was waiting there, at the gates, when lessons were over. I was not surprised.

Everyone thinks it is so cute.


How would you like to have a lamb right behind you everywhere you go?

I was quite fond of it in the beginning, before things went too far. Now I can hardly wait until it is gone.

Daddy says we can’t eat it for at least another three weeks. How will I ever survive?

I spent the last of my Christmas money on an extra large jar of mint sauce.

Oh boy, that is one dinner I am really going to enjoy.

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