They Grow Up So Fast (bp coyle)

I remember when Saturdays were for hangovers and reading. Now it’s off to the park, to the playground, at the first sign of a bit of sunshine.

I am so tired, so not up for this. The youngest has hardly slept for an hour all week. So, naturally, neither have I. It’s not like their father would do it. I could happy fall asleep on this bench but you got to keep them in sight all of the time. You never know what might happen if you take your eye off them for a second. It’s a dangerous world.

Oh God, that old woman is heading my way. Please don’t sit down beside me. Please, please, please….

Yep, there she goes, right on top of me. Now she going to talk. I just don’t have the energy for this.

‘They’re lovely when they’re that age,’ she beams at me. I manage to grunt back at her.

‘But they grow up so fast,’ she informs me in a seriously annoying old lady know-it-all voice. ‘You should treasure these moments.’

I’m not going to hit her. She means well.

And really, I simply don’t have the strength.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay