Vampire #3 (bp coyle)

Dad was a big guy, mean looking.

Dad was a mean guy.

I didn’t know him well. It’s hard to get to know someone when the main time you meet them is once a month on a trip to the local pen.

He got out now and again, never did any long stretches.

Dad’s home, Dad’s gone. That’s how it went.

He didn’t have much ambition but one time he was in he signed up to some acting thing. A once famous tv star working with cons, doing his bit for humanity, or doing community service, honestly I’ve no idea.

Anyway, Dad liked it. Next time he got out he picked up some work as an extra. Uncredited mostly. Though he got a role in Buffy, series three, episode six. Apparently if you pause fast enough you’ll see his name. Vampire #3. He was back inside before it aired.

He was proud of it though, became a bit of a celebrity on his cellblock. Until he crossed someone bigger, meaner.

‘Loving husband and father’ is what they carved on his gravestone.

Should have gone with ‘Vampire #3’.

I never watched it.

Never watched an episode of that show.

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay