Reunions That Are Never Going To Happen (bp coyle)

The Smiths.
Pink Floyd.
Me and my ex-husband.
You might find this hard to believe, but that last one is the surest thing of all. I thought that when he walked out on me my life was over. I soon realised that the best part was only beginning. My life is now free of his irrational, random anger. His need to control everything.
So, he found a younger woman, well good luck to her. I almost pity the poor little fool. She can deal with his madness now.
Another thing you might find difficult to believe, even at my age, I managed to find someone new. Not just any old someone either. Someone who thinks I am beautiful, who thinks I am sexy. Someone who wants me for who I am, not like that bastard, who only wanted to turn me into what he wanted. And even then was never happy.
I guess I was not much different to many others. Drifting along, dealing with things as they happened, never thinking how they could be better. We all deserve a shot at happiness, you only live once.
Shame about Oasis though.
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