What’s Up Doc? (bp coyle)

You know I’ve been think Doc, what if I am not crazy at all? What if you are? What if what you stand for is?

No, no, hear me out before you smile like that. Okay, so what they accused me of doing is not what most people would call normal. But what if that is not important?

Don’t give me that crap about what the majority thinking being the basis for sanity. There are plenty of examples of the majority doing pretty damn awful things. The Nazis for example. Killing in the name of God, from whatever religion. Suicide bombers, stoning people, Inquisitions, launching Crusades to places where you have no right to be.

Yeah, yeah, keep nodding and scribbling away in you notepad, but please try to think about it at some stage.

Anyway, my point is that I won’t fall for your therapy any more. You almost had me believing in you. It almost worked. I really began to doubt myself for a time. Not any more!

So don’t bother upping the dose of my meds. Lobotomise me, or just outright end it all.

Honestly, I will not miss this world you call sane.

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