A Happy Story (bp coyle)

Tell me a story please. I asked. I could really do with someone telling me a story.

Okay then. She thought for a moment. What kind of story would you like?

I didn’t hesitate. A happy one. Make it a happy one.

Hmmmm… So…. She took a breath. Once upon a time there was a boy…

That’s a good start.


Go on….

He was a quiet boy. Kind of sad. Kind of lonely.

I sighed. This isn’t starting out very happy.

She gritted her teeth. He was a quiet boy who kept to himself but he was never sad or lonely.

That’s a bit better.

Great. She forced a smile. And one fine day this boy met a beautiful girl.


No? She raised an eyebrow, something I have never been able to do.. One fine day this boy met a beautiful boy?

I shook my head. He doesn’t need to meet anyone. Boy or girl. Beautiful or otherwise.

Fine. She shrugged. Once upon a time there was a boy and he lived happily ever after. How’s that?

Thank you. That was a nice story. The nicest story I’ve ever heard I think.

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay