We’ve had a great year of creativity. We pushed ourselves and wrote even more stories this year than last year. It has been a journey. A fun journey and we have experimented with words and style. We learned two things this year. First, write every day. Even if you don’t feel like. Second, writers write. Writers don’t say, “One day…” You just write. We’ve had some successes and failures but we learned and pushed forward. Thanks to all our readers. We had our best year ever in views. Our popularity continues to grow.

BP Coyle continues to work on his novel and RC Peris is working hard on screenplays now and into the New Year. Ainsley Arin…well, she’s out traveling. She checks in occasionally brimming with her travel experiences.

We would like to wish you happy holidays. Do something fun. Like buy a new journal and write. Or maybe sip some egg nog laced with brandy and read. Or better yet, snuggle with someone you love.

Best Wishes,
RC Peris
BP Coyle
Ainsley Arin