A Pause for Mrs. Claus (bp coyle)

Thank the Lord, he is off on his travels around the world. The one day in the year that he leaves home and lets me get some alone time.

I would say to get some peace and quiet, but there will be little quiet around here once the Christmas work party gets started. They make enough noise to wake every child in the world. I let them at it. I made the mistake of peeking in at them once, oh dear the things I saw. I really don’t think elves and pixies should be doing those sort of things together, certainly not all at the same time. Thankfully Santa will never find out.

Now to put my feet up and enjoy a relaxing mug of chamomile tea. Tomorrow I will worry about cleaning up all of the mess. Tomorrow I will worry about the laundry. Five hundred sets of pixie and elf outfits, and then there will be Santa’s clothes. Dearie me, it takes the best part of a year to get all of that grime out. As for the man himself, how he gets soot into those hard to reach places is beyond me.

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  1. Has Santa ever got stuck in a chimney? If that happened, delivery would get cut short. Santa Claus has a big book entitled Chimneys of the World. It is important to know how to get down them, and that is Santa s specialty.

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