Letter to the People of the 21st Century (bp coyle)

End of Term Class Project: 14th May 2403

A Letter to the People of the 21st Century

Hey guys!

I bet you must be sick of getting letters from us. Heck, there’s ten other kids in my year and we’re all writing to you. We’re probably all saying pretty much they same thing too.

You guys totally suck!

You so screwed the world and left it in a mess for us.

You are all greedy, horrible, selfish, mean, thoughtless pigs.

I’ve decided not to have kids myself, it’s not much fun here on what’s left of Planet Earth. Not much fun to be a kid. I don’t want to make anyone else have to live this way. Mom tells me she felt that way when she was small too and I’ll change my mind when I get older.

No chance. Things keep getting worse here. Year by year. I wish you guys could see what you did.

Would you even care? Would you change a thing?

Anyway, I’ve got chores to do so gotta run.

Hope you’re all burning in Hell right now.

Yours sincerely.

Trixie (age (almost) eight and three quarters)

Image by _Marion from Pixabay

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    BP Coyle – This story is very moving and it spoke to me. Can I post this story on LinkedIn crediting you for the work?

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