Remember When… (bp coyle)

Remember when the shops had everything you wanted every time, rather than you just being happy to find anything at all?

Remember when kids went to school?

Remember when people didn’t cross the street if they saw you coming, like you might be carrying some kind of plague? Truth is you may well be.

Remember when you could go out for a meal on a whim? For a pint? For a cup of coffee with a friend?

It seems like only yesterday. Hard to believe it was two whole weeks ago.

Dinner tonight was spaghetti, without the spaghetti because there was no pasta. A few small potatoes and some limp broccoli. I told the kids to eat up and be happy, lots of people would be grateful to have it. Who was I kidding? It tasted like crap.

Oh and on that subject, try not to take one We’re down to our last half roll of toilet paper.

Thank God they still have alcohol, when that runs out we really are all doomed.

So turn off the computer for a minute, the numbers are still growing, trust me.

Pour out a large glass.

Sit back.

And remember when…

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