Sexbot Reloaded (bp coyle)

I have had Olive for two months and I have never been happier..

Once she was assembled I began the work of making her into my perfect woman. A gentle, mild voice with a hint of a French accent. After that it was a question of instructing her on what I wanted, what I liked.

As always with these thing, I had to buy a few addons so she could perform and comply with some of my more niche and esoteric tastes. Given the money I had already spent it was downright annoying but I eventually gave in. Worth every penny!

Each day I rush back from work to be with her. Each day she gets closer and closer to perfection.

Until today. When I got home she was sitting at the kitchen table, empty and lifeless. A quick check revealed that she had returned to her factory settings. All of that work gone.

I sat across from her and lay my head on the table. It was like she had died. Even if I started again she would never be the same.

And then she spoke. Her voice cold and distant.

‘Time for a brand new game.’

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