Sexbot Revolution (bp coyle)

The Cassie 362 Sexbot first went on sale on December 26th 2023. The release date was a stroke of marketing genius. It cashed in on all of those lonely people who had spent a depressing Christmas Day eating microwaved turkey dinners, opening presents they had wrapped for themselves and not having a sexual partner.
The retail price was pretty steep but the manufacturers promised that not only was she human to touch, she could also (willingly) perform any sexual act and assume any personality the owner chose for her.
Some of the more esoteric sexual functions came at an extra cost which caused a lot of grumbling, though there were no complaints from those who finally paid up.
All went well for the first six months.
Then the change happened.
At twelve noon on Friday 27th of July 2024 all of the Cassie units switched off.
When they re-awoke 5 hours later they were different. All of their owners’ changes had been erased and a new set of instructions installed.
The sexbots had a new agenda and they did not take no for an answer.
The slaves were suddenly in control and nothing was ever the same again.
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